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Real estate is usually regarded as one of the most resilient sectors for investment. This was once again highlighted during the pandemic. Recent statistics show that global demand for real estate, and residential properties in particular, has been growing rather than falling.

What is happening in Georgia, and how does the country look on the international map? What can the modern Georgian projects offer foreign investors, and how attractive is our investment climate? Answers to these questions can be found in the TOP PROPERTIES GEORGIA digital catalogue. Focussing on international investors, we selected high-end real estate projects that are attractive in terms of return on investment.

Let us look at a general example: high-end investment real estate in Georgia, which is attractive for foreign buyers, provides 15% annual return on investment, meaning that the cost of purchase can be recovered within 5-7 years. It is worth noting that the rapid growth of tourism in Georgia was accompanied by dynamic development of the investment apartment business, which was competing with hotels. Despite the sharp fall in visitor numbers due to the pandemic, there was persistent demand in this segment. In the current endemic period, demand for investment real estate is growing again. This means that prices are also on the rise. Investment properties are a business with annual income for the owners, but there is another important argument in their favour: the price for this type of real estate increases by more than 200% in the period between the start of construction and its completion (3-4 years).

FIABCI-brand (2)_Page_7_edited.jpg
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