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FIABI – Georgia and International Property Show in Dubai Sign MOU for Strategic Partnership

Tbilisi, Georgia, 22 May 2024: FIABCI - Georgia and the International Property Show (IPS) in Dubai have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for strategic partnership and cooperation.

The MOU signing ceremony between FIABCI - Georgia and the International Property Show was held on 22th of May in Dubai. In the framework of cooperation, Georgian real estate companies and country representatives will have a privileged role, special rates, best slots, presentations and other important benefits.

IPS is the largest property sales platform in the Middle East, which brings forth a top-notch exhibition once a year – a perfect platform to buy and sell local and international properties.

Networking Opportunities: IPS provides a platform to connect with a diverse and influential audience, including industry professionals, developers, brokers, investors, and potential clients. It offers a chance to foster collaborations that can elevate the profile of your company with a global audience.

Global Exposure: IPS is a world-class event that attracts professionals from around the globe. By participating, you will enhance your visibility and recognition on an international scale, potentially expanding your reach to new markets and investors.

Proven Success: The 20th edition of IPS held last February was an outstanding success, welcoming an impressive 16,450 visitors over three days. IPS continues to garner praise from both exhibitors and visitors alike, making it a trusted and proven platform.

Audience: IPS attracts a significant gathering, including Real Estate Developers, Associations, Brokers, Agents, Government Administration, Business Councils, and more.

Accompanied by the real estate exhibition, the IPS Conference helps attendees to gain deeper understanding of the sector, learn new ideas, trends, and strategies. IPS Conference hosts presentations and panel discussions on topics highly beneficial for real estate professionals for their career development and for a better understanding of the international real estate’s competitive environment.

Workshops and trainings, high-level conference, B2B and B2C meetings are the key benefits to learn new trends in real estate, and have direct contact with potential investors, property brokers and real estate professionals.

Real Estate industry is booming in Georgia, and we become a marketplace and hub of investment for regional and international investors over the past years. We have built strong reputation, sustainable positioning and modern real estate eco-system with focus on technological advancements. Georgia’s sustainable and safe reputation serves a guaranteed outlook in the long term. We do believe we will learn a lot from you!” said Nutsa Abramishvili, President of FIABCI - Georgia and CEO of Schuchmann Group

Georgia is an interesting and a favorite destination for Arab people. Investment possibilities, tourism, great relations and strategic partnership between countries will strengthen the ties for both nations. We are proud to share with members of FIABCI - Georgia, and the real estate industry as a whole, our experience, expertise and achievements. As a result, it can become a top destination to attract investment from Arab and international investors at IPS.” Ibrahim Jarrad, IPS Elite Portfolio Director.


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