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Why FIABCI-Georgia Prix d'Excellence Awards Matter?

Why FIABCI-Georgia Prix d'Excellence Awards Matter? Opinion by Assen Makedonov Honorary President of FIABCI Bulgaria

FIABCI Prix d'Excellence Awards has 30 years of history. In Georgia the first national FIABCI-Georgia Prix d'Excellence Awards will be held in May, 2022. Property Media interviewed Assen Makedonov, Honorary President of FIABCI Bulgaria regarding the international importance of the awards.

At its core, the Prix d'Excellence award recognizes real estate projects that best embody excellence in all disciplines involved in their creation, highlighting overall merit. Dubbed the Oscar of Real Estate by the Wall Street Journal, this unique award is an affirmation of the FIABCI ideal of providing society with optimal solutions to its property needs and helping make the world a better place to live, work, and enjoy.

By organizing a National Prix d'Excellence for the first time, FIABCI-Georgia is taking an important step into embracing the legacy of this award, which dates back to 1992, therefore contributing to the internationalization of the real estate industry.

Benefits for Participant Projects and Companies.

There are many reasons why a company can benefit from entering the Georgian Prix d'Excellence program. Not only is it a great way for the company to garner visibility and stand out from the crowd, but the award will also boost the organization's reputation, giving it an edge over its competitors. In addition, it raises credibility for the company and opens doors to new contacts, thus attracting investment and providing new business opportunities.


My advice to the organizers is, first of all, to actively promote the Prix d'Excellence award and foster synergies within our community worldwide. This is particularly true when it comes to participating in the World Prix d'Excellence Awards. Second of all, I believe it is crucial to exchange best practices with other chapters to continuously improve the award program and strive for excellence.

In regards to the participants, I would suggest making the most of the publicity that comes with entering (and, in some cases, winning) an award, which can be both tangible and far-reaching, particularly when it comes to brand recognition. Additionally, the award program can be a valuable opportunity for participants to share and learn best practices that could, in turn, further elevate their businesses.


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