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The premium real estate sector and develop cooperation, the management of the LISI Green Town

To share the latest and best construction and development practices in the premium real estate sector and develop cooperation, the management of the LISI Green Town project of our member firm Lisi Development hosted the FIABCI-Georgia team, as well as partner brokerage and consulting companies.

We learned about the completed, ongoing and planned projects on the territory of the residential complex.

We can confidently say that LISI Green Town is a lot more than just a residential complex or a new settlement. This is a well-developed, fully-fledged ‘city within a city’ with its own general plan. It was devised, built and improved based on customers’ wishes that can no longer be realised in central Tbilisi due to lack of physical space.

Per-capita space in this settlement exceeds both the European standards and the thresholds recommended by the World Health Organisation.

In this settlement, there are 1.5 parking spaces for each resident. The construction plan was agreed with the residents in advance, to ensure that everyone is insured against surprises.

Trees, shrubs and even common field flowers have their role in this ‘city within a city,” which is located a mere 15 minute drive away from the centre of Tbilisi.

Between 2012 and 2020, Lisi Development won eight prizes at the International Property Awards, in the following categories: Best Developer, Best Mixed Use Development, and Best Residential Development of Georgia. In 2016, the company was named the best ‘green developer’ at the EUROPEAN CEO. Between 2014 and 2017, it continuously won the Golden Brand award. Furthermore, it received a special Green Business award from the Ministry of Environment of Georgia in 2014. Lisi Development was named Developer of the Year at the 2017 EEA Real Estate Forum & Project Awards in Kyiv, while the Lisi Green City project separately won in the Residential Complex of the Year and Residential Community of the Year categories.

All the best to Lisi Development, and many thanks to all participants!


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